My Misspellings and Misspeakings

I’ve always considered myself a good speller. Whatever that means. I won the spelling bee in 4th grade, and I was bummed to have been eliminated in the pre-trials in 5th grade by the word necessary. The representative from our homeroom who did get necessary correct (after everyone else had already exhausted the other logical […]

Renewal – To Each Her Own

Right now, our church is doing a sermon series about creation and is also experimenting with allowing congregation members the opportunity to create during the sermon. Children are painting murals. Adults are playing with pipecleaners and making pizzas. We’re even encouraged to blog during worship (which is what I’m doing right now on my Eee […]

What I’ve learned from Tru TV

People don’t understand my obsession with true crime TV shows, especially since I’m scared of weapons, squeamish about blood, and petrified of horror/suspense movies. It all started on JetBlue. That’s right—JetBlue. They have those cute little DirecTV screens on the back of seats. I don’t dig sports channels or news channels. I’m not as into […]

What do grocery stores and operating systems have in common?

Who would have ever thought I’d be comparing Trader Joe’s to Ubuntu? Well, in recent years, a lot of the grocery stores in our neighborhood have been closing down, so Trader Joe’s is one of the few still around. When my wife and I started shopping there originally, we made a regular habit of shopping […]