The nice folks at West Elm

Even though I have my fair share of bad customer service stories (the latest being from Infinisource and Cowon—but I won’t share those now as I’m trying to stay positive), every now and then I’m impressed with how some employees will go out of their way to help you out.

For the longest time, my wife and I were stuck with a stupid futon in our apartment, because we were too cheap to shell out for a real couch. We shopped around quite a bit and settled for a great, modular, two-part couch at West Elm. When we finally decided to buy it, the West Elm employees were wonderful (except the one who kept trying to push the West Elm credit card on us). They didn’t just leave us with the couch boxes. They sat there and troubleshooted with us how best to fit the boxes in our rented pickup truck and helped place the boxes in for us. When we needed it secured, they gave us rope and helped us tie it down properly.

They were so great my wife tried to tip them, but they refused the tip (it was one of those situations where you’re not quite sure if it’s a tipping job or not… I know some non-tipping job people can get insulted if you try to tip them).

Well, to West Elm in Corte Madera, since you won’t accept our monetary tips, I tip my figurative hat to you. I would certainly recommend you to any potential customers.