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Celebrity Sighting at Bill’s Place

I was pretty tired after work yesterday, so when my wife suggested we go out to eat, I was less than thrilled with the idea until she agreed to go to Bill’s Place (they have the best cookies ‘n cream milkshakes). While we were there, I saw over her shoulder a customer getting up off the bar stool and then said, “Hey, that’s Robin Williams.” She turned around and said, “Oh, yeah. It is.”

It was a surreal experience. I’m not used to (not living in Los Angeles, after all) seeing random celebrities around. It was kind of nice knowing that Robin Williams spent his time at little dives like Bill’s, when he clearly could afford to eat at swankier places.

And there wasn’t a huge spectacle. No one ran up to him and said, “Oh, my God. You’re Robin Williams!” People pretty much went about their business. A few heads turned for a second, but he was left alone for the most part. He paid his bill, left, and put on his sunglasses as he walked down the sidewalk of Clement St.

I’d like to think if I were ever a celebrity that I’d have that luxury to just eat at a place, enjoy my meal, turn a few heads, and walk away.Good for Mr. Williams.

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