Is “Merry Christmas” Offensive?

This is something I’ve never understood. Maybe Jewish people (since the few Muslim people I know are not offended by the phrase) can explain to me what’s offensive about “Merry Christmas.” Yes, I realize Christmas is ostensibly a Christian holiday celebrating the Messiah that the Jews believe is still to come. Yes, I realize that […]

Life without TV…?

Our TV broke last night. It’s a rear projection, and the projecting color convergence is now off and can’t be fixed through conventional means. I got to know Google well, and I even tried Sony’s lousy online tech support (chat). Why they don’t have an easy way to adjust the convergence through the menus is […]

Watching Torture

Last night, I watched Pan’s Labrynth—not a bad movie. But I get squeamish when it comes to watching torture in movies, even if the actual act isn’t shown on screen. Reservoir Dogs is one of my favorite movies, but I always have to fast-forward the ear-cutting scene. Oddly enough, I have a certain fascination with […]

Learning to Knit

My wife recently started up a knitting group for our church. We had our first meeting last week. Since then, I’ve tried to get a little better at it. Casting on, supposedly one of the toughest parts, came quite easy to me. Knitting itself (the stitches after casting on) is what’s tough for me. Likewise, […]