Obama v. McCain – I have to say this before November

Now that Obama has essentially become the Democratic nominee and we’ve been through all the accusations of racism and sexism throughout the Democratic primaries, I have to say that I really think this presidential race will be fair (mudslinging will occur on both sides, of course), but people will invoke race as a deciding factor […]

It’s about innocent lives, not “Chinese pride”

Can you imagine if some Chinese celebrity had said 9/11 was karma because of US foreign policy? Don’t you think people in America would be offended? People died. Innocent people died. Americans would surely boycott whatever product that celebrity endorsed and many would probably be calling for war with China. And yet The New York […]

Rights are wonderful because they don’t have to be exercised

I want you to imagine that the government starved you for months. All you had was some dirty water and occasional garbage scraps to keep you alive. Then your hero came along. Your hero was starving too. And she fought for you. She fought for your right to eat. She fought for your right to […]

I finally get Robert Frost’s “Road”

There’s a rather famous poem by Robert Frost called “The Road Not Taken.” Most people who read it tend focus on the end and admire the fact that he went in a direction most people didn’t go. The idea is that he is a pioneer, a nonconformist, a rebel, a risk-taker. I took the one […]