Yes! We’re all different. Yes! We’re all individuals.

Not many people I know would want to call themselves conformists. Yet even the self-proclaimed non-conformists I know conform in certain ways. How do you pick those ways? Why is one person who doesn’t want to date or get caught up on interpersonal drama still decide to get a 9-to-5 job? Why does another person […]

Can you help whom you’re attracted to?

Kind of an odd question for a married person to ask, I know. But I do have single friends. My gut tells me “No.” It says “You can’t help whom you’re attracted to. Attraction is chemical. It’s coincidence or fate or something magical. It’s not like going to a store and picking something off the […]

Broken toilets suck

This past weekend, our apartment’s toilet broke. It just stopped flushing. We’d push the flush handle and it would just make a pathetic hissing sound. And it’s not one of those toilets that have a floating buoy in a tank. It’s an industrial flush—the kind you find in shopping malls and restaurants. So until the […]

On consumption and censorship

The recent news about Wikipedia being blocked in the UK (not totally but mostly) because of album cover art in an article about a 70s band being possibly child pornography got me thinking about censorship and consumption. Generally, the debates I’ve heard about censorship are polarized. On the one hand, I hear the “decency” folks […]