Physiological Normalcy?

When I was a child, I thought everyone (except those with an obvious physical handicap or health condition) was “normal.” Now that I’m older, I realize that almost everyone has something wrong with her physically, and the only norm is having some form of physical “abnormality.” I look at my friends (in their mid-twenties to […]

Listening in the dark

My college’s Christian fellowship was quite diverse (in religious traditions, geographical origins, and race, among other aspects). We had a number of people who spoke various non-English languages, and no one seemed to sweat it except for this one guy who would always get really upset anytime anyone said anything in a non-English language. I […]

It takes one black kettle and one black pot to tango

Ever since I was very young, I’ve been called stubborn by people I’ve argued with. I don’t really understand why. Stubborn to me means unwilling to change your mind even when you are rationally convinced of something. Otherwise, you just believe what you believe. And if these people calling me stubborn aren’t stubborn, why are […]