Living Cheaply

I have to say I was impressed when I saw Steve Jobs demonstrate the iPhone back in January (I didn’t see it in person, but it was impressive even on video). I’m not going to buy an iPhone, though. I’ve grown to appreciate living cheaply. I don’t want to carry around a $500 gadget on […]

Pressure to have kids

There was an English teacher at my last school who tried to frame most literature discussions in light of what she called “the master narrative” (I’m sure she didn’t coin the term, though). The master narrative is basically growing up healthy, getting good grades in high school, attending the “right” university, getting a good job, […]

Musings on Making a Difference

A few Sundays ago, the pastor at our church gave a sermon about making a difference, examining how there are basically two approaches—institutional and personal. Institutional change seeks to change how society and laws are structured so that it affects the greatest number of individuals. Personal change is what he called the “grunt work” of […]