Exploring nuance in the Talia Jane / Yelp-Eat24 drama

Recently, Talia Jane's An Open Letter To My CEO post on Medium has stirred a lot of emotions on the blogosphere (in other Medium posts, in the Medium comments on her original post) and on Twitter. There seems to be a pretty sharp divide in how people react to the piece. On the one side, […]

San Francisco needs a Trimet

Just got back from a trip to Portland. Never had been there before. It’s a nice city. No Asian people… even in “Chinatown.” A lot of people smoking on street corners. A few ugly bridges over the beautiful water. But some good food, a walkable downtown, charming parks everywhere, and… an excellent public transportation system. […]

I understand why White people are nolstagic for the 1950s

Every so often, you’ll hear White Americans over the age of 60 (or even under… I guess by their imagination) long for the “good old days” of the 1950s. To me, they’re just the racist old days… or the sexist old days… or the repressed old days… or the red scare old days… or anti-comic […]

Non-tourist guide for San Francisco tourists

As someone who’s lived in San Francisco for several years now, I get saddened seeing hordes of tourists come and get sucked up by the tourist traps. They’ll go to the Golden Gate Bridge, see the crooked street, visit Ghirardelli Square, hang out at Fisherman’s Wharf, shop in Union Square and maybe eat at the […]

I ordered two things at Art’s Cafe!

Art’s Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. Granted, it’s open only 7 AM-3 PM, has limited seating, and has the tiniest bathroom I’ve ever seen. But the food is good, the strawberry lemonade is amazing, the atmosphere home-y, and the staff (husband-and-wife team) friendly and extremely efficient. Don’t order two things, […]