I ordered two things at Art’s Cafe!

Art’s Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. Granted, it’s open only 7 AM-3 PM, has limited seating, and has the tiniest bathroom I’ve ever seen. But the food is good, the strawberry lemonade is amazing, the atmosphere home-y, and the staff (husband-and-wife team) friendly and extremely efficient.

Don’t order two things, though.

We had a friend visit from out of town, took him to Art’s (he’s a big guy), and he ordered two entrées and the wife part of the h-and-w team questioned him, as she laughed, “Both? You want both?” When he confirmed that he did want both, she laughed again and shook her head as she walked away. Both he, my wife, and I were all baffled by this behavior. Don’t restaurants want their customers to order more? And is it really completely unheard of that a big guy might order two entrées?

I guess it’s part of the charm of Art’s, though. You are a customer, and they are a business, but it does feel a little like home, and the wife part of the h-and-w team sometimes acts as if she’s your mom.

Well, I had a moment of weakness this past weekend and ordered two things. I had a grilled cheese sandwich, which comes with fries, and (gasp!) I dared order a side of hash browns, too. Just as she did our friend, she questioned me as to whether or not I wanted both, and all I could say was, “I like potatoes….” I got the eye-roll, the laugh, and the head-shake. Nevertheless, and most importantly, I got both my French fries and my hash browns. Yummy.