Exploring nuance in the Talia Jane / Yelp-Eat24 drama

Recently, Talia Jane's An Open Letter To My CEO post on Medium has stirred a lot of emotions on the blogosphere (in other Medium posts, in the Medium comments on her original post) and on Twitter. There seems to be a pretty sharp divide in how people react to the piece. On the one side, […]

Responses to Danielle Lan’s Quora post on the high cost of living in the Bay Area

I recently saw someone tweet out a link to Danielle Lan's answer to a question on Quora about cost of living in the Bay Area. Basically, Danielle Lan confirms that the asker's friend declaring "his life is shitty" is correct, and she says "I'm living his life, except I'm a DINK (double income no kids) […]