It’s about innocent lives, not “Chinese pride”

Can you imagine if some Chinese celebrity had said 9/11 was karma because of US foreign policy? Don’t you think people in America would be offended? People died. Innocent people died. Americans would surely boycott whatever product that celebrity endorsed and many would probably be calling for war with China.

And yet The New York Times in Dior Drops Actress From Ads After China Remarks seems to think Sharon Stone’s remarks about the earthquake in China (and the 60,000+ innocent lives lost there) are just fine, and that it’s unfortunate that Chinese people are just so sensitive about such things.


Here are some excerpts:

Christian Dior, the French fashion brand, has become the latest global company to learn a hard lesson about the danger of offending Chinese pride.

“What comes through in this is the importance of the Chinese market to foreign brands,” Mr. Bernardin said. “Being successful in China, like anywhere else, means being sensitive to local conditions.”

Chinese pride? [L]ocal conditions? Tens of thousands of people dying is a “local condition”? Being offended at someone trivializing the deaths of innocents is “pride”?

It’s called having respect for human life, not being sensitive to local conditions or learning lessons about the danger of offending Chinese pride. All humans have pride if pride means having people respect their suffering.

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Yes, just as you said. It is not Chinese pride, it is innocent lives, it is really the human rights. Everyone has the rights to live, we alive must respect others’ living rights. It is essential to be a man.

If a man don’t know how to respect others, He or she had no rights to be respected. We must say Sharon Stone can not be treated as one of our mankind.

Point taken. Now when is the rest of the world going to feel the same way about Aminiblowjob of Iraq? Or is “wiping Israel off the map” somehow ok because we don’t like Israel?

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