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Video Skype is Cool

It was actually quite a while ago that I first installed Skype. It seemed okay, but most of the people I want to talk on the phone with I can call on my cell phone, and I don’t really talk on the phone that often, anyway.

A while ago (it feels like years), my wife and I tried chatting with a former bridesmaid from our wedding who happens to live in Europe, and we had trouble connecting. Well, she’s in New Zealand now, and my wife has a new computer, and we were able to connect to her last night—see what her place looks like, meet her fiancé, show her our apartment, and talk what seemed almost like face to face.

I realize people have been using Skype video chat for years, but for me this is a new thing, and it’s cool! I dig it. It’s good to know, too, that if I or my wife is sent away on business, we can Skype video chat cost-free. Ah, the wonders of technology…