Broken toilets suck

This past weekend, our apartment’s toilet broke. It just stopped flushing. We’d push the flush handle and it would just make a pathetic hissing sound. And it’s not one of those toilets that have a floating buoy in a tank. It’s an industrial flush—the kind you find in shopping malls and restaurants.

So until the plumber could come in to fix it, we were filling up a huge pot with water and then dumping it in the toilet to “flush” manually. It’s not a terribly convenient thing to have to do, but it did make us aware of just how much water we use every time we flush the toilet.

A nice reminder. But now it’s great to finally have an automatic flush back. Ah, the pleasures of modern living.


  1. Hi

    You could say that it drove you “round the bend” !!!

    Then you were “flushed” with success !!!!



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