Moments from the past week

Since most of my blog readers aren’t people I know in person, I rarely write posts about my everyday life (and most blog posts about “What I did today” are quite boring to read, so this may be too).

Seeing as how I don’t have a rant related to feminism, pets, racism, religion, or computer operating systems, I figured I’d just share a few funny moments from the past week:

  • My wife and I bought a large appliance from Best Buy. I wanted to get it from NewEgg instead, because I hate Best Buy. But my wife’s reason prevailed, seeing as how we live in an apartment building, and waiting all day for a delivery would be annoying, and if something was wrong with it, we’d have to mail it back at our own expense. I love it when the Best Buy employees, who supposedly don’t work on commission, try to push X, Y, and Z on you. We just had to keep saying “No” repeatedly. We stood our ground, though, and I’m glad we did.
  • I gave myself a papercut while filing stuff at work. It was dumb. I hate getting papercuts. And this one was under my fingernail, too. Ouch.
  • I started doing our taxes online and put in the wrong letter for something, so it appeared we owed the government some insane amount of money. I started to despair. Then my wife caught the error, and we both sighed in relief. Seeing as how I pride myself on meticulousness in data entry, I hung my head in shame for a good hour afterwards.
  • When I was walking home from work one day, I was singing quite loudly along to my Sandisk player, and just as I got to the bridge of Michael Jackson’s “You Wanna Be Startin’ Something,” a runner passed me, turned to look at me with a smile, and gave me a thumbs-up.


  1. Saw one of your old posts. Are you aware that you can get NextBus predictions by using text messaging – you don’t need the mobile web

  2. dude, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your website. I recently took the plunge i.e. wiped my windows installed and now using ubuntu exclusively. your tutorials helped me out a great deal. :)

  3. Yeah personal post! I’m an avid reader, but I never have anything to say about ubuntu.

    Best buy bad. Bad bad bad. Have the package delivered to work instead.

    Yeah you singing! Had a dream a few days ago involving you, a guitar and miss american pie.

  4. @Carlota
    Yeah, I think the runner got a laugh out of it, too.

    Yeah, I’m not big on text messaging, but I am now aware of it.

    Glad you found the site helpful!

    It was too big to carry home once delivered to work. So we went with Best Buy. Haven’t sung American Pie lately. I’ve been on a Michael Jackson kick lately.

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