Regarding so-called fragmentation in Linux

There are some people who operate under the delusion that if Linux developers could just all work on one project, Linux would dominate the desktop/laptop/netbook computing sphere. Windows and Mac OS X wouldn’t stand a chance. I disagree. Here are the reasons why: One of the appeals of Linux and its related projects is open… Continue reading Regarding so-called fragmentation in Linux

Can you help whom you’re attracted to?

Kind of an odd question for a married person to ask, I know. But I do have single friends. My gut tells me “No.” It says “You can’t help whom you’re attracted to. Attraction is chemical. It’s coincidence or fate or something magical. It’s not like going to a store and picking something off the… Continue reading Can you help whom you’re attracted to?

Individual Choice

People should be responsible for their own actions—no one should be able to use the excuse, “Well, I was brought up in this environment,” or “It’s just not easy enough for me to do that.” The flip side of being responsible for individual actions (or inaction) is recognizing how much individual “choices” are not so… Continue reading Individual Choice