How I fixed the lag issue on my Nexus 5x

If you Google Nexus 5x lag, you will see many users complaining about lag on the Nexus 5x. If you follow the threads, some people will complain about lag. Others will say they've experienced no lag. Some seem to think it has to do with faulty units (vs. non-faulty units). Others seem to think it… Continue reading How I fixed the lag issue on my Nexus 5x

Nexus 5x: Second Impressions

Here's a follow-up to last week's Nexus 5x: First Impressions post. What I've liked so far Basically, it's all the same stuff that impressed me at first—mainly the camera and the fingerprint sensor. What's bothered me so far While this list may look long, it doesn't mean I'm not enjoying using the phone, but I… Continue reading Nexus 5x: Second Impressions

Why I’m looking forward to the Google self-driving car

It's actually been a few years since I first saw a video of the Google self-driving car in action. A friend of mine from high school had the luxury of being in an early test vehicle (a Prius in a parking garage), and he posted it to Facebook with the caption Autobots... roll out!It was… Continue reading Why I’m looking forward to the Google self-driving car

Memo from 2008: Chrome stores passwords in plain text (*gasp*)

Just when I thought shoddy tech "journalism" couldn't stoop any lower, there is now a supposedly "new" report out that Chrome stores its passwords in plain text.From Google Chrome security flaw offers unrestricted password access at The Guardian: A serious flaw in the security of Google's Chrome browser lets anyone with access to a user's… Continue reading Memo from 2008: Chrome stores passwords in plain text (*gasp*)

Solution to Chromebook won’t wake from sleep problem

SymptomsI've greatly enjoyed the new Samsung Chromebook with ChromeOS. The one huge problem I've encountered is it sometimes not waking from sleep. I'd open it and the power light would be on, but the screen would be dead. The only workaround was to force a shutdown and then boot up again. Very annoying.Dead endsI did… Continue reading Solution to Chromebook won’t wake from sleep problem

Samsung Chromebook First Impressions

I've read literally hundreds of reviews on the Chromebook (the US$249 light one that's slightly more expensive for the the 3G version—both versions of which are completely sold out at Amazon, Best Buy, and the Google Play store). Finally got one, and here are my first impressions.Taking it out of the boxYes, the bump in… Continue reading Samsung Chromebook First Impressions

Nexus 7 Review

I've been burned before buying products I haven't had a chance to try out in person. The Eee PC 701. The HP Mini 1120nr. Those were the days when I wanted to buy only Linux-preinstalled computers. In random stores, I've played around with 7" tablets. There always seemed to be something sluggish or off about… Continue reading Nexus 7 Review

What’s really going on with Android “fragmentation”

This is a follow-up to a post I did last year, “Does Android “fragmentation” actually affect end users?” Unfortunately, tech news sites keep referring to this Android “fragmentation” problem in the same tired old ways. Here are some recent takes on it: Has Google Done Enough to Keep Android Phones Up-to-date? Google: Android fragmentation ‘up… Continue reading What’s really going on with Android “fragmentation”

Cloud Music: Google v. Amazon

I know some privacy nuts are very anti-cloud storage, but I’ve seen enough distraught users having just lost all of their data from a failed hard drive, accidental deletion, or stolen computer to know that even though “The Cloud” isn’t for everyone, it’s still good for most people. Most computer users do not make regular… Continue reading Cloud Music: Google v. Amazon