Solution to Chromebook won’t wake from sleep problem

I've greatly enjoyed the new Samsung Chromebook with ChromeOS. The one huge problem I've encountered is it sometimes not waking from sleep. I'd open it and the power light would be on, but the screen would be dead. The only workaround was to force a shutdown and then boot up again. Very annoying.

Dead ends
I did a bit of Google searching and came across some threads that led to nowhere:
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No real solutions in any of those threads. I thought an update might fix it, so I switched to the beta channel. No updates. I thought perhaps I'd screwed up some setting, so I did a factory reset. Didn't work. Same problem.

Real solution
I don't know how I didn't notice this before, but my time zone was incorrect. I went into my user settings, changed the time zone to the correct time—I haven't had a resume-from-sleep problem since!

I hope this information helps others experiencing this problem.