Privacy on a reality TV show?

Last week, I got into TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8 about the Christian couple from Pennsylvania that has twins and sextuplets. I just found this amusing.

From the “Jon & Kate Family Movie Night” episode, they’re hanging up new blinds and Kate says, “When I want privacy, I want to be able to pull blinds and not have people see in.” You’re on a reality TV show. You have no privacy! Well, I guess after a while you kind of forget the cameras are there maybe.


  1. Heh, I wonder if they ever pulled that stunt on Big Brother…

    What season are they on? Ninth? Nine years of people with too much testosterone and adrenaline packed in a little house with people jumping each other while the women hosting the show acts ‘shocked’ when she sees this.

  2. As a participant of FOX’s reality show “TradingSpouses” my experience, as far as privacy, was good.

    All bathrooms are off limits for the cameras. The crew doesn’t prep bathrooms for shooting. (All other areas of the house are “Greeked.” Labels changed or covered, mirrors covered, lights placed, furniture rearranged/removed/added)

    About the only addition I would have enjoyed would have been a 10 minute break every few hours. Just a breather but that would not enhance the build up of stress the producers are hoping for.

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