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People in Australia are blogging about us

Every year, my wife creates a little postcard to advertise our church’s Easter service. This year, with a bit of a time crunch, since we got started late, and in the interests of saving printing and postage costs, we went digital, so her “postcard” was just an image we put in our eNewsletter and on the church website.

Well, now, apparently, some gaming folks have gotten a hold of it, and someone in Australia blogged about it on Kotaku Australia (whatever that is): Church Uses Mii Christ for Easter Outreach

Well, that’s her 15 minutes of fame used up, I guess. This will probably my only blog post that falls into both the Christianity and Video Games categories.

Edit: Apparently, it’s been Dugg.

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Australia is a nice place. Very similar to Nth America,
We have Mepis on our Church Laptop, BibleTime is similar to E-sword on XP. Both are V.good to use/ study with,
Trying to move linux ( of any version) from US english to
AU english often crashes the OS, unfortunately.

Apologies for necro-posting, but uh…
“Australia is a nice place. Very similar to Nth America”

Maybe in Sydney & Melbourne but where I live, Perth couldn’t be further from.

Either way I saw the comment you left on my friend Kendally’s blog and followed it here ;)

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