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People in Australia are blogging about us

Every year, my wife creates a little postcard to advertise our church’s Easter service. This year, with a bit of a time crunch, since we got started late, and in the interests of saving printing and postage costs, we went digital, so her “postcard” was just an image we put in our eNewsletter and on the church website.

Well, now, apparently, some gaming folks have gotten a hold of it, and someone in Australia blogged about it on Kotaku Australia (whatever that is): Church Uses Mii Christ for Easter Outreach

Well, that’s her 15 minutes of fame used up, I guess. This will probably my only blog post that falls into both the Christianity and Video Games categories.

Edit: Apparently, it’s been Dugg.

Video Games

Video Game Trauma

My wife has been playing this game called Heavenly Sword. The usual swearing and cheering ensued once she began, depending on what part of the game she was stuck on or just finished.

I’m not really one of those people who’s that into video games. I like a quick fun game (Bust-a-Move or Mario Kart), but I can’t get too involved in those long adventure games. Seeing my wife swearing and frustrated doesn’t encourage me.

What’s worse is when she goes to an online walkthrough to see if there’s a trick to solving some part she’s spent hours trying to get through and the walkthrough says something like, “This part’s easy. Just shoot the fifty guys and move on to the next part.” That’s what happened last night with Heavenly Sword. She spent hours trying to get past this part where you have to protect a slowly limping old guy by shooting arrows at people trying to kill him. Watching the frustration was painful, so I offered to help. I wasn’t really much help (not that good at video games myself), but I think I offered enough temporary relief from sweaty hands that my wife was able eventually to get past that part.

Well, for her, it’s worth it. I thought video games were supposed to be fun…