A Firefox User’s Review of Opera 9.22 on Ubuntu

For Linux distributions, Firefox seems to be the web browser of choice. It also is the most popular non-Internet Explorer web browser for Windows users. Sometimes people gripe about Firefox, though. It’s slow. It’s a RAM hog. It crashes. Well, I hear a lot of hype about Opera (a closed source web browser that is […]

Talking to co-workers about browser security

Just now, one of my co-workers asked me (over the cubicle wall) “Did you hear about the security flaws in Firefox?” I told her that I had. Then I composed the following email to her: You can read more about the flaw here: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/securityfix/2007/07/… Flaws are constantly discovered (usually a few every month) in every […]

The Ethics of Adblocking

I hate ads. Radio ads. TV ads. Billboard ads. Internet ads. Advertisements bother me, especially when I catch myself singing McDonald’s’ stupid “da-da-da-da-da” jingle. Back when my wife and I (way before we were even engaged) first started exploring basic website design (HTML… not even with CSS), we used to use money-cost-free hosting sites. These […]

Why Switch to Firefox? Why Switch to Firefox?

Lately, I’ve been on a conversion spree—converting people I know to Firefox. So far, I’ve “converted” my wife, my pastor, and half my co-workers. (My parents were already using Firefox when I visited them last Christmas.) It’s been great getting people, especially my co-workers over to Firefox, because most of them don’t really seek out […]

The New Browser Wars

I used to be an Internet Explorer person, but lately I’ve been playing around with different browsers. These have been my experiences with several (this is not a comprehensive list, by any means—it’s only the ones I’ve tried): Netscape My first web browser ever, apart from Lynx (the text-only web browser) was Netscape. It was […]