I’ve gone to ads

In The Ethics of Adblocking, I talked about not liking obnoxious ads (Flash and banner ones). When I started getting close to exceeding my bandwidth allocation for the Psychocats web hosting, I started moving the images to ImageShack, which worked for a while, but their image hosting can be a bit unreliable. I’ve considered switching… Continue reading I’ve gone to ads

A Firefox User’s Review of Opera 9.22 on Ubuntu

For Linux distributions, Firefox seems to be the web browser of choice. It also is the most popular non-Internet Explorer web browser for Windows users. Sometimes people gripe about Firefox, though. It’s slow. It’s a RAM hog. It crashes. Well, I hear a lot of hype about Opera (a closed source web browser that is… Continue reading A Firefox User’s Review of Opera 9.22 on Ubuntu

Talking to co-workers about browser security

Just now, one of my co-workers asked me (over the cubicle wall) “Did you hear about the security flaws in Firefox?” I told her that I had. Then I composed the following email to her: You can read more about the flaw here: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/securityfix/2007/07/… Flaws are constantly discovered (usually a few every month) in every… Continue reading Talking to co-workers about browser security

The Ethics of Adblocking

I hate ads. Radio ads. TV ads. Billboard ads. Internet ads. Advertisements bother me, especially when I catch myself singing McDonald’s’ stupid “da-da-da-da-da” jingle. Back when my wife and I (way before we were even engaged) first started exploring basic website design (HTML… not even with CSS), we used to use money-cost-free hosting sites. These… Continue reading The Ethics of Adblocking

Does browser speed matter?

At work, I have a high-speed internet connection. At home, I also have a high-speed internet connection. If ever I was to be on dial-up, I think I’d just browse with images turned off (or use a text-only browser, like Dillo). No matter what browser I’m trying or using, I always use tabs. So, when… Continue reading Does browser speed matter?

A Browser Comparison

This is a follow-up piece to “The New Browser Wars.” Instead of recounting my experience with various browsers, this piece focuses on the factors that go into deciding which browser is right for you. Netscape. I’d say for the majority of Windows users, this is the “right” browser for you. From my experience the majority… Continue reading A Browser Comparison

Why Switch to Firefox? Why Switch to Firefox?

Lately, I’ve been on a conversion spree—converting people I know to Firefox. So far, I’ve “converted” my wife, my pastor, and half my co-workers. (My parents were already using Firefox when I visited them last Christmas.) It’s been great getting people, especially my co-workers over to Firefox, because most of them don’t really seek out… Continue reading Why Switch to Firefox?
Why Switch to Firefox?

The New Browser Wars

I used to be an Internet Explorer person, but lately I’ve been playing around with different browsers. These have been my experiences with several (this is not a comprehensive list, by any means—it’s only the ones I’ve tried): Netscape My first web browser ever, apart from Lynx (the text-only web browser) was Netscape. It was… Continue reading The New Browser Wars