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I’ve gone to ads

In The Ethics of Adblocking, I talked about not liking obnoxious ads (Flash and banner ones). When I started getting close to exceeding my bandwidth allocation for the Psychocats web hosting, I started moving the images to ImageShack, which worked for a while, but their image hosting can be a bit unreliable. I’ve considered switching to another web host, one which has a higher default bandwidth allocation, but making the move would be extremely complicated.

So I’m opting to go with some less obnoxious ads on my site (text-based, unobtrusive). I’m hoping that will help generate enough revenue that I can actually start hosting images (and larger ones) on my own host and then pay for the bandwidth costs. We’ll see how it turns out. If it turns out well, I’ll move all the image hosting back to my own host. If it doesn’t, I’ll keep it all on ImageShack.