Ode to Jason Segel’s Penis

A few months ago, I marveled at the ability of Beowolf‘s animators to hide the title character’s penis, despite the fact he was naked and jumping and moving every which way. Well, I just saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and I have to say I’m impressed. For a bawdy sex comedy featuring a male protagonist, it […]

When will Asian-Americans get a Will Smith?

You may have missed it, but if you search for it, you will find it in abundance. It wasn’t played up a lot in mainstream media, but there was a little controversy about the hit movie 21. Apparently, a lot of Asian-Americans were in an uproar about how the race of the characters had been […]

Ode to Beowolf’s Penis

Last night I saw Beowolf 3D—quite a technological feat. Most of the movie looked “real”; even the movement of the characters was very smooth. The nudity in the film was interesting, though. I think most people are familiar with the Hollywood nudity double standard, but in Beowolf it was pronounced to the point of being […]

Mr. Redford, you can keep your “amenities,” and I’ll keep my fee.

For Christmas, my boss was nice enough to give me a $25 gift certificate to the local Sundance Cinema in our area, so my wife and I decided to see Juno there. We’d been wanting to see Juno for a while, and we hadn’t been to that location since it had recently been converted from […]

Watching Torture

Last night, I watched Pan’s Labrynth—not a bad movie. But I get squeamish when it comes to watching torture in movies, even if the actual act isn’t shown on screen. Reservoir Dogs is one of my favorite movies, but I always have to fast-forward the ear-cutting scene. Oddly enough, I have a certain fascination with […]