Apple App Store like MPAA?

After reading Appleā€™s FCC Response Infuriates Google Voice App Developer, I’m getting deja vu. Kirby Dick, you listening? (This Film Is Not Yet Rated).

I guess with films people can at least view your movie without having to jailbreak their iPhones—though good luck trying to recup your production costs with an NC-17 or unrated movie…

If I were a phone app developer, I’d just go with Android. Even if Google rejects your app, people can still install it without having to root their phones.


  1. Who cares? It’s their app store, not Google’s, not yours. They can reject any apps if they desired. Besides, there are other VoIP Apps on there as well.

    If it concerns you so much that Google Voice was removed, do something about it. Apple stated that they want to review the app for some stuff, whether that is true or not, I’ll bet we will see it again.

  2. Who cares? The people who have iPhones and Google Voice care, obviously. The app store is preventing people from installing unapproved apps on the iPhone. It’s not like Ubuntu, wherein it’s simply more difficult to install non-repositories apps, or Android, wherein you simply have to go through a warning dialogue before installing unapproved apps… in the iPhone, you have access to only the Apple-approved apps, or you have to void your warranty by jailbreaking your phone.

    Also, Google Voice is not a VoIP app. It isn’t VoIP at all.

    And, yes, I have done something about it—instead of buying an iPhone and playing Apple’s game, I bought an HTC Magic with Android. I can install whatever app I want.

  3. Hi, I’m on your side, ubuntucat. However, it’s my opinion that, the fault here isnt of Apple, it’s from users who bought Iphone. Why?
    Let say with a smaller thing. A flash light. It uses battery, and as long as you buy the correct battery, it works. Regardless of what’s the battery brand.
    Fast forward to the Iphone. You can get the “battery” you want, and it works on your Iphone, regardless of its “brand”, so long as it’s the correct “size”. And who make these “sizes”? Apple. It’s a lie from Apple that they didnt clarify their rule about the App Store, but, since it’s their store, and it’s their phone, they’re the man. Period. The moment you pay your money to buy the phone, you accept to play with their rule. And playing a game without fully understand the rule, it’s your fault.
    In my opinion, falsify a truth is lying, but so is intentionally hide part of the truth. It’s a lie from Apple that they didnt fully explain the “rule”, but, like they said, Dont die because of ignorant.

  4. Does Apple have the legal right to lock you in if you buy their products? Sure.

    Should they lock you in? Is that ethical? No.

    I think companies should follow standards. USB is great. Can you imagine if every company had a different interface for mass storage devices? How horrible would that be! I think there’s also something to be said for having a sanctioned way of doing things and then warning people against (as opposed to preventing people from) using non-sanctioned applications or methods.

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