Whitelisting just a YouTube channel

At my school, we block YouTube access for the students. Recently, though, we started up a school YouTube channel and wanted to grant the students access to just that channel and not the rest of YouTube. You would think this would be as simple as putting in a filter for **

Unfortunately, it’s not. My wife did most of the legwork, but after a lot of trial and error and Google searching, we finally figured it out. So if someone else is searching for the answer and just coming up with a lot of deadends (just as we did), these are the URLs you have to whitelist:


Then students (or employees at your organization or company) can go to and see your school or company’s videos but no other videos.

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As far as I can see, this approach won’t really work in practice, because it neither supports courses nor searches. Or did I overlook something?

ty for that ill try it out , i hope that topic is not out-of-date , due to lots of changes in youtube last year

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