Tux is on a cereal box?

The original Tux Linux, for your all you Windows and Mac users out there, has a mascot. The mascot’s name is tux. Here’s the original Tux. I’ve pretty much never seen this original mascot in association with anything other than Linux.
Revised Tux
This is a more hip, revised Tux. You can see a whole bunch of different kinds of this revised Tux at Tux Factory. You can find Tux as Zelda’s Link, Tux as the devil, Tux as a soccer player, Tux as Chewbacca, etc. That’s all lots of fun.
Cereal Tux I was shocked, though, to find this revised Tux on a real cereal box in a real grocery store. Thanks to my Android phone, I was able to capture the moment. Has anyone eaten this cereal? Is it any good?


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