Weird mention of Ubuntu CE

Yesterday, my wife and I were hanging out in Borders, reading stuff. One of the things I read was the latest Linux Format magazine, which had a small section about Ubuntu derivatives or off-shoots (I can’t remember the actual term they used). They had Linux Mint, Simply Mepis, Freespire, Pioneer Linux, and a couple of others. But they also include Ubuntu Christian Edition, and I think their description was something like “lightly modified Ubuntu with Bible study software included.” I guess that’s a fair description, but without any kind of disclaimer, this would still be a bit confusing to the uninitiated—probably leading one to ask Why is Ubuntu releasing a Christian edition? (not the case) instead of Why is a Ubuntu user modifying Ubuntu to target Christians? (the actual case).

Jereme (the Ubuntu CE creator) definitely disagrees with me on this, but I still maintain that the name Ubuntu Christian Edition gives the impression that it’s an official release from Canonical/Ubuntu.


  1. yes ubuntu christian edition does make you think of an official derivative of ubuntu, like a collectors edition of something. there needs to be some renaming of all these OSes so its less confusing

  2. There’s a Muslim Edition too. Does the idea of “Ubuntu ME” makes anybody else cringe with the memory of Windows ME?

    I respect everyone’s right to alter Ubuntu to suit their needs- that’s the whole point of open source. I just wish they were more original with their naming.

  3. I wonder if the distro creator is trying to cash in on the “brand” that Ubuntu is becoming?

    The irony is, of course, that Ubuntu itself is built on Debian GNU/Linux.

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