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Migration woes from Windows to Mac

Ah, the irony. Mac, supposedly easy to switch to (unlike desktop Linux–supposedly not easy to switch to), can’t run Internet Explorer, as far as I can tell. My mother-in-law has a website she has to use (it’s work-related) that works in only IE, and even User Agent Switcher can’t get around it.

Yes, yes, yes, I know that IEs4Linux is supposed to work for the new Intel Macs, but have you actually tried installing it on a Mac recently? Have you? Every guide I’ve come across links to some dead links somewhere along the way. I can’t find wine in the available Fink packages to install, and all the links to Darwine are dead links. Geez. That’s annoying. In Ubuntu, I can get IEs4Linux up and running in minutes. Argh!

Well, I’m off to do more research…

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Sorry one more thing:

OS X Macs, up until Intel Macs, always came with IE5.2.3 installed. Apple stopped including it when Microsoft dropped support for it. It’s unfortunate that some sites still require IE; for me, Firefox works flawlessly (banking sites, financial sites, etc).

If you have mac migration questions, please post them; I’m a longtime mac user, and have no problem helping out fellow users.

Ubuntu rocks, too.

I’ve never used Wine (Ubuntu or Mac OS), but if all you need is Internet Explorer, then you can download the last available version here:

that take care of any IE-only sites.

I hate it when sites require IE. Why would they do that? How old can the code be?

You are exactly right. But the problem is that the misconception that Ubuntu or any Linux is difficult to use and Mac is easy. Yes Macs are innovative but just like you said migrating to mac is as difficult if not more than Ubuntu. What surprises me though people admiring and singing praises of Mac even BEFORE using it ever? Why do they do this anyway? Is it due to Apple’s Marketing! They should first try a Mac and then sing its praises if there are any.

I have 2 comments awaiting moderation; they have a link in them. Once they go through, you problem should be solved.

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