Installing a custom rom on an unlocked Moto X 2013

I've been rooting and installing custom roms on Android phones since 2009. In general, it's been a fairly standard procedure. With the Moto X 2013 (and this may apply to the 2014 as well—I don't know—I can vouch only for the 2013), the procedure is slightly different. Unlock bootloader Get Motorola's fastboot Get TWRP Get […]

Rooting the Nook Simple Touch

TouchNooter The Nook Simple Touch is an excellent e-reader, and I like that Barnes and Noble keeps it that way. The e-ink screen and simple form factor make it perfect for reading books. That said, just for curiosity’s sake, I dove in and rooted the thing. TouchNooter is an amazing script that automates the rooting […]

Make a “browse as root” launcher in Ubuntu

Like Mac OS X, Ubuntu includes by default a privilege escalation system that invokes sudo, which allows certain users (in the admin group) to operate as limited-privileged users for almost all tasks and to temporarily escalate (after a password authentication) to administrative privileges for specific tasks. For more details about sudo, check out the Ubuntu […]

How to use Konqueror or Kate as sudo in Kubuntu KDE 4 Remix

As I hope I’ve made apparent in these two links below, the proper way to launch a file browser as root in KDE is kdesu konqueror: Unfortunately, in the KDE 4 version of Kubuntu 8.04, if you try to launch Konqueror (the file browser) or Kate (the text editor) with root (or administrative) […]