Google Voice definitely underutilized

After reading a lot about 1:1 iPad programs and there being an "app for" everything in education, I found How To Use Google Voice In Education to be refreshing. Many schools use Google Apps for Education, but I haven't read many educator accounts of using Google Voice.Google Voice wasn't around when I was a teacher, […]

Google Voice number porting comes too late

Recently, Google announced the ability of its Google Voice users to port their existing mobile number to GV. This sounds great in theory, as it is what many Google Voice users have been clammering for for a year and a half. When Google Voice was new (invite-only but fully launched and then available to everyone […]

Clearing up some confusion about Google Voice

I’ve been using Google Voice for about a week now, and I’m really impressed by it—the concept and the implementation. The implementation could still use a little polish, but Google Voice also isn’t officially released to the general public yet. Based on my limited experiences with it, I thought I’d clear up some confusion about […]