Manually installing an OTA update for the Nexus 5x

In theory, your device should automatically check for an OTA (over-the-air) update, download it in the background, and then prompt you to install the update. No matter how much I manually checked, my device kept insisting it was up to date (I know Google likes to do staggered automatic rollouts, but it's just annoying when […]

Installing Adobe Flash 10 Beta in Ubuntu

Some people have found the new version of Adobe’s Flash player to offer greater stability (fewer crashes) in the Ubuntu version of Firefox. Others just like to try cutting edge software. Either way, this is how you install Flash 10 beta in Ubuntu. Probably the easiest way to do it is to download the .deb […]

Installing Flash on Kubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu’s development is mainly focused on Ubuntu and less so on Kubuntu and Xubuntu, so most of my tutorials are also Ubuntu-centric. Nevertheless, people do actually use Kubuntu and Xubuntu, so I thought I’d create a little tutorial on enabling extra software repositories and installing Flash in Kubuntu 8.04, since someone on the Ubuntu Forums […]