I don’t drink coffee

I’m not sure how you define “a morning person,” but I don’t consider myself one, even though I do tend to wake up earlier than my wife does. Maybe, by my definition of “morning person,” there are no morning people. I consider a morning person someone who not only wakes up early but also doesn’t feel groggy and doesn’t feel immediately like going back to bed again.

So why do I wake up early? I like mornings. Lately, I’ve been going on morning runs in the park before work, and I like how quiet and beautiful the park is in the morning as the fog rolls over the grass and water. And on the weekends, I can’t sleep in too much, because I don’t want the whole day to just waste away, and I also don’t want my body getting used to that kind of sleep cycle on the weekends so that waking up on Monday for work is even more difficult than it usually is.

Still, I don’t drink coffee.

I know many people who need coffee to function in the morning. If they don’t have coffee, they are cranky, discombobulated, and inarticulate—sort of the way I am if I haven’t eaten in eight hours (give me three meals a day, please; thank you). I’d say there are three major reasons I don’t drink coffee:

  • While my high school friends were starting to drink coffee in order to feel more grown up, I didn’t really care to feel grown up. I wanted to be intellectually mature. I wanted to be respected. But I didn’t particularly want to get drunk, smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, have sex, get high, or have an early mid-life crisis. I wanted to enjoy my youth while I still had it. Of course, some people would say all the stuff I didn’t do as a teenager is enjoyment of youth. I’ll respectfully disagree.
  • I don’t really like taking drugs—caffeine, over-the-counter headache medicine, etc. I will take drugs if I have to (if I have a really bad headache or need antibiotics after surgery), but I try to avoid them if possible. I just like not to mess with my body if I don’t have to, and I also worry that my body could build up an immunity to certain drugs if I take them too often.
  • I guess the most important reason is I just don’t like the taste of coffee. The smell isn’t too bad (doesn’t turn me on or anything, but I can stand it). Coffee taste? Bleh.

Yup. I’m a freak. I don’t drink coffee.