Some Guidelines for Effective Change

Models focus on ideas, narrative testimonies, proposals, characterizations and recognize that having established or identified said model, scope then becomes the issue. Scope focuses on the prevalence of an idea, population or behavior. Recognizing the complexity and inter-relatedness of issues. As a basic collegiate scholar’s example: the difficulty in separating racism and sexism.

  • Setting as a goal total societal change, not just the trickle-down economics of intellectual thought (i.e. the attitude: just because we in academia have discovered it, we can move on to the next thing, instead of making sure our ideas get implemented, understood and taught to “the masses”).
  • Not being tied down by language/ expression. Consider part of the dialogue disenfranchised media, such as comic books, and colloquial expressions of intellectual thought outside of professional academia.
  • Either a non self-centered view of sociology or an acknowledgement of self-centeredness.
  • Leave assessment to the people on the front lines. (e.g. Don’t have politicians decide what schools need without asking teachers!)

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