Psychocats will be updated for Karmic… please be patient

The new release of Ubuntu 9.10 (codenamed Karmic Koala) came out today. It’ll take me a couple of weeks to get my tutorials site updated. I appreciate the patience of Ubuntu users who like and use my site. Thanks!


  1. Hi

    Just tried Koala. Dont know what’s up at your end, but my wireless is dead. Literally dead. Ping is around 1s, web load extremely slow, etc etc

  2. I updated from Jaunty to Karmic without any issues with sound and no issues with wireless, I did have no sound actually until I ran the kernel update to, after that everything else is running great so far only thing is the settings from Ubuntu netbook remix is a bit different so will just have to adjust to my liking. Hope that helps, ohh BTW I am using HP MINI 1101 and dual booting with windows 7.

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