Oral surgery is crazy and simple

I just had gum surgery. It was a bit scary. I don’t mind the pain. I am afraid of complications, though; for example, when you have to sign a disclaimer that says you won’t sue them in case there is (though it occurs only rarely) permanent numbness. I do wonder at surgeons (oral or otherwise), though. The skill they have is amazing. The ability to cut a piece of flesh and sew it to another piece of flesh is something I neither have nor desire to have. I thank God for surgeons. I do not envy them their jobs, no matter how much they get paid.

Even though there was very little physical discomfort or pain during the procedure, I was psychologically a little weirded out when a drop of blood dripped down my throat. I thought, “This is my blood. I’m bleeding. I’m not used to bleeding in the dentist’s chair. I guess this is surgery after all.” All in all, it went well. Not as scary as I thought it would be. Apply Novacaine. Cut the flesh from one place. Sew it up in another place. Very simple on one level. Very primitive almost. I do like anaesthesia, though.

Thank you, oral surgeons (and other surgeons). You work wonders… especially if I don’t have weird complications in the next few weeks.

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I just had gum surgery a couple of week ago also. Tons of fun. I was actually pretty freaked out about it but then was surprised by how fast and efficient the surgeon was. He didn’t waste any time, as soon as I was numb he started slicing. I think I had more pain AFTER the surgery then any time during.

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