My allergy went away?

When I was a kid, I knew lots of kids who had allergies, and I was quite smug about not having allergies. Little did I know that you can, over time, develop allergies. Apart from a freakish allergy to a certain antibiotic and a sensitivity to poison ivy and poison oak, I didn’t really experience allergies until after college. Suddenly, I was allergic to pollen. Worse yet, I developed an allergy to certain kinds of my favorite fruits.

Apples, pears, peaches, and apricots all gave me this weird itching in the back of my throat. I also was allergic to mango skin all of a sudden. This new fruit allergy bummed me out for years, and I was able to eat the aforementioned foods in only a processed fashion (poached, baked, marinated in sugar water).

Recently, though, I ordered a fruit plate from a restaurant and almost all the fruit was fruit I was allergic to. My wife thought I should ask to have it sent back, but I was so tempted by it that I said I’d just eat it and put up with the itchiness in the back of my throat. No itchiness. What happened? Then, a couple of days later, I ate some peaches I’d bought from the grocery store. No itchiness. Nothing.

Did my allergy just disappear? When did it happen? Why did it happen? Well, I hope it’s gone for good. Until the itchiness does come back, I’m going to be eating my fair share of peaches, pears, apples, and apricots!


  1. this is SO odd!! Maybe it was something in that specific kind of fruit? or something else wrong with your throat? I wonder….

    I never have had allergies either and this year I thought that I might have developed some… but it was very short lived and I thought it might have been a cold – but when i took allergy medicine it kind of went away? weird. yea it’s pretty much gone now. not sure how that works….

  2. Yeah, allergies can be weird like that. I’ve had horrible pollen allergies my whole life, but the last few years they’ve almost completely gone away. Meanwhile, my girlfriend never had allergies, and the last few years she’s developed horrible pollen allergies. It’s like she took my allergies from me.

    And similar to yours, her tongue goes weirdly numb when she eats pineapple now, though that wasn’t always the case. And I recently discovered that I’m apparently allergic to bananas now. I went on a kick where I was trying to eat more fruit, and having a banana for a snack a few days a week. It did horrible, horrible, unspeakable things to my digestive tract. It took a few times for me to correlate the two, though, and it got worse each time. Not pleasant.

  3. *Three Days Later…*

    (But that fruit plate was SO delicious…)

    I used to have an allergy (or so I have been told) when I was a kid to corn starch. My favorite fruit drinks (Capri-Sun) was restricted and I was limited to drinking this Minute Maid juice box. Yuck! I don’t remember when I was allowed to drink Capri-Sun again, but, to my childhood mind, it was disastrous.

  4. you didn’t suddenly develop the allergy to mango skin. You sometimes see resin on Mango stems and skin which is the same substance (urshiol?) that causes the poison ivy rash–which is a contact dermatitis, not an allergy. You should still be able to enjoy the mango fleah if someone else cleans and peels it for you!

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