Linux is a Windows operating system? HP…?

I’ve been fascinated by HP’s line of netbooks ever since I saw the phrase “92% keyboard,” but the reviews of the HP Mini-Note have been mixed, and the most recent reviews of the HP Mini MI indicate they’ve based it on Ubuntu but disabled the terminal. There’s probably a way to re-activate the terminal. Still, what’s the point of disabling it? Mac OS X has had a terminal for years. It doesn’t mean Mac users have to use the terminal. It’s just there for the people who want it.

In any case, I’m not actually in a position to buy a new netbook (my old Eee PC is less than a year old). I like to pretend, though, so I walked through the process of customizing the new HP Mini MI, and I came across this (click for a larger image with the full context):
Uh, that’s a Windows logo there, except they’re saying it’s Linux. It’s one thing to hide the typical Linux interface with a slick internet-media interface or even to disable the terminal, but tricking Windows users into thinking Linux is Windows? Even Mac has the weird split square smiley face or the Apple logo. Linux can’t even get a tux penguin or the Ubuntu logo?

“Progress” always has to happen in small steps at first, I guess.


  1. I’ve seen a few other bloggers complain about it, but really, its a moot point. Have you noticed that the other big images next to the selections are not of the ACTUAL PRODUCT and are just representations? The Windows logo is a fine symbol for the OS options, even if Linux is the only choice.

    There’s some things we should take personally and something things we shouldn’t. For everything else…there’s Mastercard.

  2. I’m no legal expert, but doesn’t putting a Windows logo on this system assert that it’s Microsoft proprietary information? And doesn’t that break the GPL on every piece of software used?

  3. Adam, I’ve been kind of saying that for a couple of years now – if Redmond doesn’t start using Linux, or another *nix, kernel – maybe with a “Windows” desktop (does that sound something like an idea that recently came out of Cupertino?) – pretty soon, they’re going to start having problems.

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