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Girl skateboarders are cool

I’m so used to seeing, over the past couple of decades, groups of boys skateboarding or one lone girl skateboarder amongst a group of boys.

Recently, though, I’ve seen a few groups of girl skateboarders walking (with boards) or skateboarding around San Francisco, and I have to say it’s refreshing. It’s cool to see these youngsters going against the traditional gender roles.

It kind of reminds me of the boy cheerleaders in Leeds.

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With you on this one :)
I’m a roller-blader, which has always been a bit more mixed, and offer an encouraging nod /smile to female boarders (rare in London) when I see them mixed in with a group of lads.

Incidentally, when I got married I asked a female mate to be my best man. Best decision ever. In the time it’d take a guy to organise a stag event (not sure what the US equiv is) she had organised a stag night, suit-fitting and a wedding day breakfast. COOL!

I all agree! :)

And the resent development her in my town, Oslo, Norway, are that a lot of them have long-boards.

Just wanted 2 let u know.

Big smile from frezzing cold Oslo

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