Found a great theme for Cyanogen Android mod

After having rooted (or “jailbroken”) my T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, for a while I was using Cyanogen’s Android mod until it got the cease-and-desist letter from Google. At that point, Cyanogen began working on a legally conservative version of his mod, and I wanted something to use in the meantime, so I switched to Dwang’s donut mod. Dwang’s mod is super speedy and great. Unfortunately, it is good only for the short-term… until Google sends Dwang a cease-and-desist letter.

So after Cyanogen released a stable version of the Google-compliant rooted Android mod, I wanted to give it a shot. It isn’t quite as speedy as Dwang’s mod, but it’s usable, and I like that no lawsuit is going to suddenly bring it to an end (it has long-term sustainability).

So I then went on a quest to find a good theme for this new version of Cyanogen’s mod. I tried out a Ubuntu theme and a Hero theme, and I looked at a bunch of other themes that appeared to be too gaudy for me.

Finally, I stumbled upon the Little Big Planet theme. I remember my wife playing this game on the PS3. At the time I thought the little sack guy was cute in a demented sort of way. So I flashed the theme, and I like it. For those of you who are curious (and who do not want to create a login for the XDA Developers forum just to see screenshots), here is what the theme icons look like:

I think I can live with this theme for a while.

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