Eating at Ubuntu

As a user of the Linux operating system called Ubuntu, I’d been wanting to eat at the Ubuntu restaurant (and yoga studio, too, apparently) in Napa for a while. Well, this week, I finally got to go.

It’s in the Napa downtown area, and it has a little sign outside.

Here’s the menu and yoga studio information in the window.

Here’s the menu up close.

This is what the restaurant looks like inside. It’s a very nice space. It is warm-feeling and very open, but the acoustics are not awful (not a din, even with people chatting).

I loved that the butter that comes with the bread has a little Ubuntu wax paper on top. Notice how, even though it is not exactly the same, the font is very similar to the Ubuntu Linux one. They also tend, in the decor of the restaurant and the plates and cups to use very warm colors (just as Ubuntu Linux does). The restaurant tends to favor browns, dark oranges, soft yellows and such.

Yummy cauliflower dish my wife had. Well, she liked it anyway.

Yummy pizza I had. Came with a topping of burrata cheese, and it also had a nice strawberry and caramelized-onion sauce instead of the normal tomato-based sauce.

Cheesecake in a glass container.

Ice cream, caramelized banana slices, cereal, and hot coconut milk.

The bathroom.

A sign about yoga.

“Ubuntu: I am… because you are… serving each other.”

Even though it was a bit pricey (two starters, two drinks, two entrees, and two desserts came at just under US$90 with tax and tip), it was a great experience. The wait staff were attentive and friendly but not oversolicitous. The food was of high quality. And the atmosphere was relaxing and pleasant. Overall, it fit very nicely with the Ubuntu philosophy.

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Tell them they have to start a franchise and send them over to Virginia because that food looks YUMMY!

Also, tell them to serve free food and LiveCDs ;)

They should hand out live cds of the latest ubuntu version! Maybe they could serve as coasters and you would be able to take them home… :)

It’s hilarious that they don’t mention anything about the OS, yet on their website it has a link to the “Experience Ubuntu” video included with Ubuntu.

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