Nifty Mac trick: log in as root through the GUI

My wife just called from work. She was having trouble installing a program. Usually, you just double-click the .dmg file and drag the mounted image to the Applications folder or click through the installer wizard. For some reason, this program (some kind of add-on to Adobe Flash) didn’t allow her to install the program, claiming… Continue reading Nifty Mac trick: log in as root through the GUI

The price of apples

Recently, both my brother and I had occasion to visit our parents’ home briefly for a family event. He decided he needed to have some apples while there, so he bought a box of fifteen fuji apples from Costco because “it was the best value.” Well, it may have been the best value per apple,… Continue reading The price of apples

Mac OS X v. Windows XP

This is in response to Dan Pouliot’s webpage on Mac OS X versus Windows XP. “Minimize Bias” My Ass The funny thing is that Pouliot spends a considerable amount of time explaining what bias is and how he tries to limit his bias and avoid biased techniques (such as overemphasizing the faults of one system… Continue reading Mac OS X v. Windows XP