A collection of Automatix threads

Automatix is definitely a hot-button topic in the Ubuntu community. If you’re curious to read what people are saying, here are some threads to check out.

Automatix (Automated GUI installation script)
aaahhh whats happend to Automatix
Automatix “misinformation”?
Automatix? Is it a good thing?
So why are there a lot of users who dislike Automatix?
What has been your Automatix experience?
I Am Automatix Free!
Automatix2 now has Thunderbird 2.0.
Why does Automatix break systems?
Automatix2 – The easy way
What’s the general opinion on Automatix?
Automatix VS Gnome-app-install, an Accessibility and Usability Discussion.
DIGG.com: WARNING Automatix Can Break Ubuntu and Turn Your Hair Gray

The sparks definitely fly…


  1. I remember the last one, everyone got in a big fight, then Ubuntu-Geek closed the thread.
    The others are the same old drab…
    Top phrased searched “Automatix Sucks!”

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