Whom do blog spammers think they’re fooling?

I’m always appreciative of comments on my blog, even from those who disagree with me (as long as people can be civil about it). It’s one thing to know “X visits have been made to your blog,” but it’s another to know what people actually think (I agree / I disagree / I sort of agree-disagree). At least those are real people and not spambots.

Fortunately, for me and a lot of other bloggers, the Akismet plugin WordPress is pretty good filters out the comment spam. Nevertheless, I’m confused by these spammers who say things like “I’ve enjoyed reading your post [proceeds to quote the entire title of the post]. I’ll be adding you to my blogroll. Thanks!” and the website of the commenter has the word viagra in it. I mean, come on! Does anyone fall for this?

Don’t answer. I know someone must. I know there must be some people who approve the spam, just as there are some people who click on phishing links or fall for the I’ll-wire-you-money-from-Nigeria scams. If people didn’t fall for this stuff, the spammers wouldn’t continue with this stuff.

I guess this just makes me sad about humanity—both that some people lack a conscience and that others are gullible or ignorant enough to be taken advantage of by the non-consciencers.

You may enjoy “reading” my blog, but I’m not going to post a link to your viagra, pills, meds, child porn, or real estate website. Sorry!


  1. One of my personal favorites is when someone comments something like this:

    “I was searching for something else and came across your blog. Nice work.”

    And of course they’re linking back to some marketing/pharmacy/viagra/porn site.

    One of the “best” of these phony comments I remember getting is when I made a post that was maybe 3 sentences at best, giving just a quick apology for a server outage. One of these spammers jumped on it with:

    “Man I love this blog. Keep the good posts coming!” Yes, it was a viagra link too.

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