What do I do with my crappy, broken iAudio 7?

So after my saga with Cowon regarding my broken iAudio 7, they mailed it back to me.

At first I had great plans to install Ubuntu on it and use that to occasionally boot up instead of Xandros on my Eee PC. But that didn’t really work. And I still find even eeeXubuntu to require too much tweaking to get working anyway.

Then I thought of maybe taking it apart and trying to take out the LCD screen, but it seems as if the screen crack has gotten worse while at Cowon. And I don’t have a screwdriver that small that’s also a Phillips-head.

Perhaps it should be 4 GB of storage for random stuff I want to back up? Wouldn’t I have to keep it refrigerated to keep the battery from eventually draining to the point of being useless, thus making my data irretrievable? What do I do with this piece of junk?

Well, one thing’s for sure: getting it back reminded me how terrible my Cowon experience has been and reassured me that I should just stick with Sandisk.

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  1. Hammer; smash; salvage flash.

    Alternatively, it’s an excuse to buy some tiny precision screwdrivers.

    Hey, do you do your own hosting? I get kinda nervous about using an email address linked with my real name on a blog with third-party hosting. Not sure how wordpress’ privacy policy is.

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