Some disclaimers

I’m starting up a Ubuntu blog just as an experiment. Maybe it’ll continue. Maybe it’ll die. I don’t have a schedule for when I write. Call me irresponsible. Call me unreliable. Throw in undependable, too.

If you’re reading this, I’m glad you’re here. Welcome! At the same time, this is my blog, and if you start posting crap comments, I’ll delete them. Crap comments does not mean comments I disagree with (though I won’t rule those out either). There are no definite rules, but try to be polite to other people commenting, and if you must argue, do so civilly.

Last big disclaimer: I am currently (as of this writing at least) a volunteer staff member (moderator) at the Ubuntu Forums. As such, I’m going to try my best to not write anything that will make the Forum Council ashamed of having me on staff. At the same time, anything I write will be my own thoughts and opinions. My thoughts and opinions are completely separate from the official stances of the Ubuntu Forums, Canonical, and Ubuntu at large. I do not regularly converse with Mark Shuttleworth. Even though I admire the man, I am not a spokesperson for him or for Ubuntu.

If you can accept all that, read on…


  1. I was happy to see you started a blog. I enjoy your posts at ubuntuforums and I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Always interesting to hear your thoughts, and if I see your “cat” in a forum post there’s usually a pretty good answer following it. I’ve been a fan of yours since I stumbled upon one of your posts about googleearth and had it working in 30 minutes. Keep on Keepin On.


  3. I find your views very interesting! Please continue with this blog!
    Linux needs more “moderate advocates” like yourself who would just not throw linux at everyone around. I read most of your posts to date (and also found a lot of help in you psychocats website) and I can see that you are moderate in that sense, meaning linux is not for everybody. People will find your opinion much more reliable than that of those linux extremists who just want to sell everyone on linux (sometimes generating a backslash).

    Some elitists criticize ubuntu and say it’s only a well-marketed distribution and not better than any other “nerd” distribution. Well, guess what, the only thing you need is marketing! good marketing! if you dont believe that, then why microsoft is the most used operating system in the world? As you said, it’s not because of the graphical interface (it didn’t start that way with msdos) or because it supports more hardware (companies support hardware for windows, not the other way around). It just good marketing, good distribution channels (and a lot of lock in of course… but the lock in is sometimes more related to familiarity to the GUI and usage than to open standards or so).

    So, IMHO, all linux people should help ubuntu and mark shuttleworth for his great job at marketing linux at a level that it never-before has been. I wouldn’t be using linux if it wasnt for ubuntu, and i’ll probably switch to some more nerdish distribution some day (e.g. slackware or gentoo; since i consider myself some kind of a nerd) but i’ll never forget how it all started.

  4. I don’t like admitting to being anyones ‘fan’, but I’ll tell you what …….. you definitely deserve a lot of credit and praise for what you’re doing for us!

    Thanks a million.

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