Baby, it’s cold outside…

I used to love cold weather. In my teen years, I wore flip flops every day during the New England winters. When I moved back to New England temporarily a while ago, people warned me: "Oh, those winters are cold." I shrugged it off, saying, "Actually, I like the cold. It's the hot, humid summers that bother me more."

How wrong I was. Or how times have changed. As a kid, I never understood old people retiring to Florida. Now I get it.

The New England winter of '13-'14 just about did me in. I hated it. The wind chill, the dry air, the power outages, the shoveling of snow and scraping of ice. It wasn't fun any more.

Now I'm back on the West Coast, and I've been going to Disneyland a lot (trying to make the most of my annual pass). Disney isn't for everyone, but I like the Disney experience. It may not be the happiest place on earth. Still, I'm usually happy when I go there.

This last time I went for New Year's Eve, and it was cold and rainy at Disneyland—down into the low 30s Fahrenheit. It wasn't fun. Sure, I went on the rides, ate the food. It just wasn't nearly as fun... at all.

Maybe I'm just getting older. I'm really starting to appreciate warm weather now. I don't see moving to Florida any time soon, but I now get it! Hawai'i wouldn't be too bad...