“I’m not a feminist, but…”

Ani’s not an angry girl, but it seems like she’s got everyone fooled. Every time she says something they find hard to hear, they chalk it up to her anger and never to their own fear. Recently, I was talking with a female friend of mine about various songs, and I mentioned Ani DiFranco’s “Not… Continue reading “I’m not a feminist, but…”

“Equality” shouldn’t assume we’re all in the same situation

Examples When I was in high school, there were some people who didn’t understand why we had a Black Student Union and an Asian Student Union but no White Student Union. When I was in college, one time we were eating in the cafeteria, and a white male heterosexual friend of mine looked up at… Continue reading “Equality” shouldn’t assume we’re all in the same situation

Raping 13-year-olds is now okay. Thanks, Roman!

The New York Daily News recently published this article: ‘Wanted’ man Roman Polanski dodges legal bullet. Let me translate some chunks for you. Polanski was, and remains, a brilliant film director. But to many people, particularly in America, he is most famously remembered for fleeing the country after pleading guilty to “unlawful sexual intercourse” with… Continue reading Raping 13-year-olds is now okay. Thanks, Roman!

Let nature do its own work

Every now and then—in everyday life or on blogs—someone will decry any perceived blurring of gender lines and declare something along the lines of Men and women are different. Their minds are just hard-wired differently. I have to say if that’s the case, you really shouldn’t have to declare or decry anything. If nature has… Continue reading Let nature do its own work

Can objectification in moderation be okay?

As a longtime feminist, I’ve read quite a bit of both layperson and professional writing on the objectification of women, particularly the sexual objectification of women. I understand it’s wrong. I understand it’s damaging to society and is one of many ways the patriarchy tries to keep women down. My question, though, is whether the… Continue reading Can objectification in moderation be okay?

Fighting Gender Role Boundaries

While there is a difference between sexism and the reaffirmation of gender roles, the two are certainly linked. I realize, as most feminists have to concede, that there are inherent differences in trends between males and females. The question, though, is whether we should exacerbate and exaggerate such differences or just allow the “natural” ones… Continue reading Fighting Gender Role Boundaries