Ubuntu: The Open Source Apple Challenger?

Mark Shuttleworth’s vision I know I’m not the only Ubuntu user blogging about Mark Shuttleworth saying he wants to make Ubuntu better-looking than OS X in the next two years. He also says I can’t say we will succeed at this, but we will make a significant attempt to elevate the Linux desktop to the […]

Fanboy isn’t just a generic insult. It means something.

Warning, for those who know me in person: This is an extremely geeky post. Proceed with caution. Just as forum users will sometimes fling the label troll against anyone who argues with them, many forum users (particularly in computer-related discussions) will throw around the term fanboy without making the term meaningful. Most of the time, […]

Wake-up call: Apple won’t port iTunes to Linux

Introduction I want to bring iTunes-loving Linux users back to reality. As you can see from the following Ubuntu Forums threads, some Ubuntu-ites are deluded about the idea of Apple porting iTunes to Linux: Why Apple doesn’t want to release iTunes for Linux Petition – iTunes for Ubuntu Should Apple port iTunes to Linux? The […]