Some new additions to UbuntuCat

I’ve migrated over my old essays from the Psychocats website to this blog. I’ve put the correct date on the entry when possible. For a bunch of essays (the ones I didn’t have dates for), I put the date as 15 August, 2002—which is my closest guess as to when they were written. I got a kick out of re-reading some of them. I hope you do, too. And if you notice any dead links, please post a comment in the appropriate entry. Thanks for reading!

I’ll write something of substance soon.


  1. Actually I liked the organization and layout of your essays in the website. But I guess the blog makes it more convenient to have discussions.

  2. Well, the blog format also makes it easier for me to manage entries and categories or view entries by date. But, yes, I do like being able to see a little discussion, too.

  3. Hi ubuntucat,

    I am a new Linux user, and have settled on Kubuntu, at least for now. I want to thank you for your tutorials. I just discovered them this morning, and I’ve been doing the V8 forehead slap all morning (“So THAT’S how…!”). (I’m also slacking a little at work – shhh! :)

    I just finished reading the Plan Partitions section, and I had a question: Have you investigated the different partition formats that Linux provides (ext2, ext3, xfs, etc.)? I’ve read and heard people talking making comments about them, but I’ve never gotten any real advice on which to use. Ext3 seems to be the default for the distros I’ve tried. I assume it is generally accepted as the most stable. I wonder if you have experience/opinions on the advantages and drawbacks of each.

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